Patient Guide

Greetings and welcome to MAG Medical Group, a hospital that aims to make your stay here as comfortable and safe as possible.
We have prepared this guide so that you and your companion know in detail the attention in our services and its operation. However, we will answer any questions you may have and we will gladly guide you as much as possible.

Patient Rights

1. Receive adequate medical care.
2. Receive dignified and respectful treatment.
3. Receive sufficient, clear, timely and truthful information.
4. Decide freely about your care.
5. Grant or not your validly informed consent.
6. Be treated with confidentiality.
7. Have facilities to obtain a second opinion.
8. Receive medical attention in case of emergency.
9. Have a Clinical File.
10. Be taken care of when you disagree with the medical care received.

International Patient Safety Goals

MISP.1 Title Correctly identify patients Objective: To prevent mistakes that involve wrong patients

MISP.2 Title Improve effective communication.
Objective: Prevent mistakes by orders and results that are given verbally or by telephone.

MISP.3 Title Improve the safety of high-risk medications.
Objective: Prevent medication errors related to high-risk medications.

MISP.4 Title Correct procedures.
Objective: Prevent errors that involve procedures in the anatomical site, procedure or incorrect patient.

MISP.5 Title Reduce the risk of infections associated with health care.
Objective: Reduce the risk of infections associated with health care through a comprehensive hand hygiene program.

MISP.6 Title Reduce the risk of harm to the patient due to falls.
Objective: Identify the risk of falls in each patient to implement measures that reduce the probability of falling.

Rules of Procedure

Upon admission of the patient

1. The Vallet Parking service will be 24 hours and free of charge.
2. Upon entering the patient must leave a deposit (only for private patients), which will be indicated in the area of ​​admission and box.
3. In case of entering by means of a package, this must be paid at 100%, in case of being private, the account must remain at least 70% settled.
4. Upon entering the hospital you must register with the surveillance staff, who can inform you of the location of the area to which you are going.
5. The institution is not responsible for the loss of values ​​and belongings. For your convenience and protection, in the admission area, there is a safe deposit box where you can deposit securities and belongings.
6. Upon entry, a deposit will be requested for the delivery of television control.
7. If you require internet access, please request it for admission.
8. In case of scheduled surgical procedures, you should arrive at the hospital 2 to 3 hours before the surgical event.
9. For no reason should obstruct the main accesses of the hospital.

During the Patient Stay

1. The visit time to patients is from 8 to 20 Hrs.
2. For the welfare of patients, only 2 people per visit will be allowed.
3. By arrangement of the secretary of health and for the protection of children and tranquility of our patients, the visit of children under 12 years in areas of hospitalization is prohibited.
4. All minor patients who are hospitalized must be accompanied at all times by a relative of legal age.
5. For hygiene and safety of our patients, it is prohibited to introduce food, healing material, medicines, electronic items and pets.
6. Room service is only for patients.
7. Only one companion per night may stay. If you require extra bed service, please notify the admission staff.
8. There will be a charge to your account for telephone calls to cell phones and long distance, made from your room and the amount will be informed in the admission area.
9. This is a smoke-free institution, it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the facilities, as well as to drink alcoholic beverages.

At Patient’s Discharge

1. The doctor will notify the medical discharge of the patient in writing in the Clinical File so that the administrative discharge can proceed. O
2. For the closure of your account the service executive will communicate to your room via telephone, so that the family member can go to the admission area.
3. When you liquidate your account, admission will give you 2 exit passes, one will be given to the nursing staff and the other to the surveillance staff.
4. In the event that the insurer does not cover the account, the patient and / or family member will be responsible for paying the account at 100%.
5. The expiration of the room is at 12:00 Hrs. If your discharge is done after 12 Hrs. and before 8:00 pm, a charge of 50% of the cost of the room will be charged; after 8:00 pm the charge will be 100%.

Safe visit

Practical Guide

1. Wash your hands or use alcohol gel before entering and leaving the room.
2. If you have a cold or you do not feel well in your health, avoid visits by patient’s safety.
3. It is prohibited to take pictures in common areas (Operating Rooms, Recovery and Hospitalization Area) without prior authorization.
4. Please do not bring food to patients. Check with the doctor or nurse first.
5. Prohibited to bring patients alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.
6. For your safety and that of the patients, do not touch any medical equipment.
7. You are grateful to speak in a low tone of voice.
8. If your patient has a warning sign or isolation at the door, go to the nursing station for instructions.
9. For the safety of children please do not bring children under 12 years to visit.
10. Try to encourage the patient with pleasant and positive topics.

Security measures

What to do in case of emergency?

1. Follow the instructions of the staff.

2. Identify the evacuation routes.

3. Identify the security zones.

4. Identify the meeting points.

5. Identify and recognize the security codes that will be voiced in case of emergency.

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